ECU Connectors / Harnesses

NA and NB

Most of these components are made by the manufacturer TE AMP / Connectivity. Found on the TE AMP Connectivity site, Ballenger Motorsports, or Mouser.
Component Notes Part Number .040" Contacts Qty (Mouser Individual P/N: 173761-1) .070" Contacts Qty (P/N: 173631-6)
ECU Harness 64-pin Male Harness Only available as a connector for circuit boards, also used on Honda OBD1 ECUs, which can be purchased used on eBay. If you want to create your own patch harness, you'll need to cut the rear pins short and solder wires directly to each. Visit for an example. 174518-7 N/A N/A
26-Pin Connector OEM Female ECU Connector 174516-6 16 10
22-Pin Connector OEM Female ECU Connector 174515-6 16 6
16-Pin Connector OEM Female ECU Connector 174515-6 16 0
12-Pin Connector Used for additional input/output on MegaSquirt 76-pin PNP ECUs only. 174913-6 12 0
Pin Crimper Crimper for smaller, Japanese Contacts. Ordering from Japan can take up to a month, but can frequently save you money. Hozan P-706 N/A N/A

Additional spreadsheet of other OEM connectors here.

Data taken from MiataTurbo's "Connector Witchhunt" thread.

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