How Make Your Own Megasquirt

Let's start with what to buy.

For this write-up I'm using the v3.0 board.

I order all my parts through, a forum sponsor.

Required Parts:

  • Megasquirt I Kit
    • This is the main assembly kit. It comes with the board, case, DB37 connector to build your harness and all the components you need to build a MS.


  • MSPNP IAT Sensor Kit - Steel Bung
    • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Required sensor to remove the AFM or MAF. The kit has a bung to weld to pipes, extra wire and contacts to insert into the AFM/MAF harness for easy install.

Highly Recommended Tools:

  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Cutting tool to cut wire and leads

And now…

On to Assembly!

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