Engine leakdown test

Make your own leakdown test kit!



Krissetsfire reports:

you can get all the gauges and pressure regulator , air hose, and fittings from harbor freight. my tester worked fine regardless of the cheap harbor freightness. i had a compression tester and just used that hose. the only tricky thing to fine is a #60 bit. you can either order it online or check a hobby shop. lowes or home depot won't have it. i got mine at the largest ACE in western united states so if you have any specialty stores like that they may have it. if you don't have a compression tester already it doesn't hurt to have one in your tool arsenal if you can i'd snag one of those too. just keep in mind when you buy one. how youre going to connect the hose to the leakdown tester.

example. my leakdown tester has a fitting on the end i was just able to screw on to an air hose. i'll take pics when i get home. some compression testers are all built into the hose. you need to be able to remove the valve if you use that type.

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