This page includes information specific to Miatas and is not a replacement for MegaManual. Also see:

Popular MegaSquirt Suppliers

MegaSquirt is available several iterations from dedicated companies, boutique sites, individuals who will build them in their spare time, to DIY kits. As of 2018, the most popular pre-built MS kits used by members are:

  •, selling DIY kits, and a myriad of Plug-and-Play, Miata-specific kits as well.
  • MSLabs, also known as "Reverant"-built MegaSquirts.

Purchasing Considerations

As with all ECUs, consider the following before making your purchase:

  • After purchase support from the vendor.
  • If the vendor is unavailable, size of online community for support.
  • Anticipated support from a dedicated business vs boutiques or individuals.
  • All MegaSquirts are not the same. Some will come with dedicated basemaps and features, others with a generic map that requires a lot of work, or have features to build and learn your first map. Dedicated companies may often have a strong, generic basemap, but a boutique seller may have a unique and custom map available to your needs - or not. Buyer beware.
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