Megatune Files



Here is my MSQ file. The settings are for a:

1993 miata, 460cc injectors, Toyota COPS, Garrett T3 turbo, intercooled, 13 psi, EBC, running parallel with the stock ECU.

This will need changes to work on your car. It is just a good base to get you started, as all the basic settings will be the same.

Cardriverx's MSQ, 11/28/08


1993 motor, Begi-s kit, GT2560, 25x12x3 IC, 3" exhaust, LC-1, MSPNP, rx-7 460cc's, 12psi. made 220whp and still got 31mpg.

There has been a report that the timing did not work well for two people and caused pre ignition. Please keep in mind that this tune is for a efficient turbocharger with a large intercooler. IF YOU USE THIS AND GET KNOCK OR RUN LEAN, PLEASE TUNE IT FOR YOUR CAR. Again, THIS IS NOT A LOAD AND DRIVE TUNE, IT WILL NEED TO BE CHANGED FOR YOUR SPECIFIC CAR. THIS IS JUST A GOOD BASE TO GET YOU STARTED.

Disturbedfan121's MSQ, uploaded 12/19/08

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