MZR 2.0L I4

The new miat… *cough* MX5 has a 16-valve, 2.0 L engine in it that is code named the MZR I4. It produces 130 hp and 119 tq at the wheels (thanks BEGI). It has a 10.0:1 Compression Ratio, an 87.5 mm (3.4 in) bore and a 83.1 mm (3.3 in) stroke.

So far there is only one real turbocharger kit in the U.S for it, and that is BEGI's (JUST came out). Flyin Miata has the Cosworth supercharger kit, and hopefully will come out with a turbocharger kit. Blitz was going to produce one, but rumor has it that they abandoned it.

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