Fixing Mazda's crap cooling system design

Many people find they have trouble with overheating after installing a turbocharger on a miata. The system is already pretty stressed in its stock form, and the added heat of a turbo usually puts it over the edge. Thankfully, there are many ways to fix this! The fix can range from a cheap fix brewed up from a member that you can do your self to an expensive but pretty re route set sold by a few companies.

While many people just assume a larger radiator is the answer to cooling problems, many times its not. If the car is just street driven, then just a coolant re route should be fine. If its a track queen, then maybe a large radiator is necessary. An example of this is Marc at M-Tuned, his company is creating a re route kit, and when he installs it, hes even going to try running with a half sized radiator!

Of course proper under body shrouding should be done before anything else. make sure the bumper mouth - intercooler - condenser- radiator is sealed up to make sure all the airflow flows through them. An extractor hood or outlets under the car can improve this further, creating a pathway for air to quickly enter the coolers and exit. This not only helps cooling, but aerodynamics too!

So lets get at it!

ReRoute #1: Hornetball's Cheapass Reroute Shopping List

(Note: Hornetball did not invent this reroute, he just posted the shopping list.)

Shopping List:

Spacer ($93): BEGI Rear Thermostat Spacer 1990-2005

Waterneck ($23.50): Miata Thermostat Housing

OEM Thermostat Gaskets x 2 ($3.62 each): GASKET,THERMOSTAT (B621-15-173) - $3.62 - B62115173

Front Waterneck Block-Off ($20): Trackspeed Engineering

Radiator Hose ($15 — link provided but get wherever): 05 2005 Cadillac Escalade Radiator Hose - PartsGeek (Dayco Radiator Hose -- Upper -- 18290-07009959)

Re Route #2

Enter info about the re route here

Re Route #3

Enter info about the re route here

Re Route #4

Enter info about the re route here

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