Water Injection

Don't forget about water injection. This utilizes a fine mist of water into the charge dramatically reducing intake temps, most times with +100% effiency. This means you can run greatly advanced with reduced exhaust gas temperatures and less demands on fueling.

If instead of the richer mixture, about 10% (by mass) of water would be injected in the intake charge (0.008 kg Water/kg air), the high latent heat of the water would cool the charge by 18 degrees; about 4 times the cooling effect of the just a richer fuel mixture. The added fuel for the rich mixture can't burn because there is just not enough oxygen available. So it does not matter if fuel or water is added.



Great DIY Water Inj Write up

Cardriverx's Setup

Well I just got my setup done, and it is a blast. I will get up some pictures up soon, but for now here are some tips.

Cardriverx's Tips

  • Double check for leaks
  • Wrap steel braided hose with electrical tape if it touches anything.
  • Timing at full power can be increased to around the mid 20s degrees. I went from 11 to 24!
  • At least get a pressure gauge, if your WI fails, you need to know asap!



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