Cheap Wideband Gauge

A gauge for your wideband can be made for very cheap, less than $30!


One volt meter/gauge off ebay, which will look something like this:


It should have these features:

  • Read 0-20v
  • Decimal Adjustable
  • 12V power input

These are important, make sure your gauge is setup like that.


The gauge should have 4 wires comeing off of it. It should be wired so that:

  • 12v +
    • Goes to a 12v source
  • 12v - and source -
    • Goes to chassis ground
  • source +
    • Goes to either of the outputs on your LC-1

Now plug the LC-1 into your laptop

  • Set it up so that the output plugged into the gauge is reading 1 volt at 10:1 and 2 volts at 20:1.

Now you must change the decimal on your gauge:

  • Slide it one to the right, aka 1.00 volt will read as 10.0

Now mount it on the dash, clean up the wiring, and go play with it!

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